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14.05.2024 @ 11H00 - PLACE DU CANADA


Thousands rally to celebrate Israel

Thousands joined the annual Israel Day rally in downtown Montreal on Tuesday to celebrate Israel's founding in 1948.

Jewish and non-Jewish supporters of Israel gathered at Phillips square and marched along Rene Levesque Blvd., waving Quebec, Canadian and Israeli flags.

"This is a big party -- 62 years for Israel," said parade-goer Frank Cwilich.

"We are so proud to be here to represent the wonderful nation of Israel, and hope that our joy will spread over everyone else and we'll finally have some peace -- long overdue peace for everybody."

Israel declared its independence in May 1948, after the United Nations agreed to partition Palestine into Jewish and Arab-ruled states, and a UN-administered zone.

"The Middle East has rough times for 62 years and we're here to show our support for the state of Israel," said parade organizer Amos Sochaczevski.

The Montreal celebration, which has been running for 10 years, is the largest rally for Israel in Canada, according to organizers.


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