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I have been living in Montreal for just a few weeks shy of 50 Years,

and I have participated in and attended many rallies, marches and other

events of similar nature, but have not seen this kind of outpouring

of enthusiasm and energy as at the Israel rally last week. I salute the

young and the old who were so friendly, welcoming and peaceful.

No words of any hatred or any unkindly nature were spoken - just

beautiful songs, what a spectacle. I salute the organizers and the


I must add here that the participants may have been mostly from

the Jewish community but there were people from other communities as well,

especially it was nice to see the flag of India fluttering among

a sea of Israeli flags. It reminded me of how close the two - the Hindus

and the Jewish people - have been for close to 3000 years. I am

not sure how many people of Jewish faith would remember that after

the fall of Jerusalem when the Jewish people were targeted for

persecution, they sought refuge in India in the hundreds of thousands.

Like the Zoroastrians they were also like sugar is to milk. Anybody

who knows even a bit of Mumbai would have noticed that both these

communities lived there in close proximity of each other.

I must also congratulate those who thought of taking the flag of India

to this rally because it represents the good wishes and sentiments of

most of the people of India, especially the Hindus who have a long history

of tolerance, inclusiveness and non-violence - these three words

epitomize the entire Hindu philosophy and the cornerstone of the vows

that The Democratic Republic of India took in 1947 and their peers had

espoused for thousands of years before that so much so that India

has never sent a soldier across its border to conquer any country or

to spread their faith by converting others that some religions strongly

preach and practise. It is sad to see a country like India suffer the

terrorism unleashed on it by its neighboring country.

I must close by saying long live India-Israel unity and friendship, and

also the friendship of these people here in Canada.

Rajinder Sud


source (2017): https://www.thesuburban.com/opinion/letters_to_editor/unique-israel-rally/article_7ca99ea7-b4f1-5a4a-ad64-7c0fa2c7a314.html

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